Industry Problem Statement Submission

If you have problems that needs to be resolved with technology, submit your problem statement with us where it will be used in our Business Case Workshop for our national level virtual hackathon competition, The Hackwknd

The participants will conceptualize a solution which Karuna will further develop to assist the industry participants. Interested industry participants can submit their problem statements to us by submitting either a Video highlighting the processes in their company that they would like us to improve or a short paragraph detailing the problem.

What Will You Get?

Box 1: Get perks such as a free solution for one year

Box 2: Participants can join Karuna or our sponsors as a valued employee or as a co-founder of the tech solution

There are 2 category challenges that needs problem solving:

Category 1 Challenge

Mobile APP

Mobile App that improves productivity and business processes for working remotely

Category 2 Challenge

IoT Application

IoT application to improve automation of industries covering Agriculture, Construction, Food production, Automotive, Electronics, Consumer goods, Ship building and Tourism

Submit your problem statement with us today!

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